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Die Off
Available November 1st


Fifth book in the John Marquez eco-crime thriller series

"...chillingly descriptive and packed with suspense, secrets, violence and nonstop action."

John Marquez is back—but his mission is the same: shut down animal traffickers. Still attached to the California Fish & Game's Special Operations Unit, it's the open, unsolved investigations that now land on his desk.

Then a tip call comes which reveals the location of a gun used to kill two young women camping along the Klamath River two years ago. At the same time, Marquez is on the hunt for a notorious animal trafficker known as Rider, who's rumoured to have a hideout in mountainous northern California.

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One Through the Heart


Third book in the Inspector Ben Raveneau crime series

"Solid writing, a twisted, keep-'em-guessing plot, and a likable rogue hero drive this entertaining thriller."

Bones in a backyard bomb shelter reactivate a San Francisco cold case and a painful connection for Raveneau after missing Ann Coryell's desperate call for help a decade ago. But he sees something much darker in threats made by online followers of historian Coryell's writings on genocide. Nothing pieces together, but all the pieces fit . . . Raveneau edges closer to a core group who are certain the time for retribution is now, but will he be able to stop them in time?

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